#111. Hide a love letter.



A fake one. That has nothing to do with my life. But I like to think that someone will find it, put it back under the cushion where they found it, and feel hopeful and overjoyed that true love does still exist.

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#110. Not go to church on Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday is a pretty big event every year for my family. For as long as I can remember we would get up early, get dressed in our pastel and floral attire, eat a big breakfast, and head off to church. Afterwords we all came home and prepared to either go to a family friend’s house or invite people to eat at our house. We always put out a butter lamb. We always cut off the head.

This year I did not intentionally decide not to go to Easter service. But I am hundreds of miles away from my home and from family traditions. I’m not sure it would even have felt like a holiday, had I not received this in the mail:


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#109. Eat goat cheese.

Upperclassmen rave about the Duck and Bunny, a restaurant and self-proclaimed ‘snuggery,’ so I had some high expectations for my Saturday night meal.

Unfortunately though I was not won over by the cramped and stuffy atmosphere, dimmed lighting, and perplexing menu.

I didn’t quite know what I was ordering when I asked for the “Rachel and Monica” crepe, but I know that it is a disgrace to my favorite show Friends. Sun-dried tomatoes – as mentioned on Friends (which they would have known had they done their research properly!) – are disgusting. When enveloped in piles of wet spinach, they become intolerable.

I scraped off the goopey blobs and ate what was left over, the goat cheese. Obviously, the goat cheese crepe was also pathetically disgusting. I left the stupid fancy restaurant poor and hungry.


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#108. Roll from one end of Wriston Quad to the other.


Wriston Quad on a bright sunny day. Only a slightly different pricture from Wriston Quad at 11:45 p.m. on a Friday night.

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#107. Win a bubble-wrap popping competition.

I think it still counts as winning, even though my roommate gave up popping them after a while, and never knew that we were competing in the first place. Still, I popped over thirty rows of bubble wrap! They were also the really tiny bubbles. Pretty impressive.

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#106. Conduct a meaningless survey.

With the Social Psychology final quickly approaching, hundreds of students are bustling around conducting surveys, asking questions, and desperately trying to collect data to use for their sociology experiments.

Unfortunately, I do not take Social Psychology. Nevertheless I decided to collect some of my own information using a short, five-minute survey. Here are the results (sample size 10):

1. Would you rather have a beard forever or be bald forever?

Results: 70% of students answered that they would much rather be bald forever than have a beard forever.

photo 2

2. Do you prefer:

a) Skim Milk

b) 2% Milk

c) Whole Milk

Results: Fascinatingly, 50% of respondents said that they would drink skim milk as their milk of choice. Only 30% chose whole, and 20% picked 2%.

3. Do you believe that cucumbers are a fruit or a vegetable?

Results: This one was shocking. I am ashamed to say that 70% of the Brown students I surveyed believe that cucumbers are a vegetable. Yet cucumbers are quite obviously classified as accessory fruits. Not vegetables. To the three students that knew this, albeit not confidently, congratulations on being smarter than us all.

photo 1-5

4. Do you still have your wisdom teeth? If so, why?

Results: 50% of respondents have had their wisdom teeth removed. 10% responded that only half of their wisdom teeth have been removed, and the remaining 40% have never had this procedure. Reasons for which include:

  • “Yes, haven’t had to remove them.”
  • “Yes; they are still coming in and sometimes drive me crazy. I may get them pulled this summer.”
  • “Yes. just haven’t gotten to remove them yet.”
  • “Yes, they haven’t bothered me or my dentist.”

5. Rate your current level of happiness on a scale of 1 to 10.

Results: 90% were either a 7 or an 8.

Conclusion: The happiness level of everyone surveyed increased after the survey. Therefore, because of the survey, respondents felt happier. So in conclusion, doing surveys makes people happier.


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#105. Read the newspaper cover-to-cover.

I have been writing for the school newspaper for almost two semesters now and recently realized that I have never actually read it. How humiliating. I recently upgraded from Contributing Writer to Staff Writer, and it was time for this embarrassment to be over. I am proud to say that today I read the Brown Daily Herald in its entirety.

I was shocked to find out that the other writers are actually really really good. Better than me, even. There are a lot of things that they are doing that I am not doing but could be doing and should be doing. I am thrilled to start imitating these other more talented writers, and I will hopefully improve my own reporting skills as a result.

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#104. Dessert before dinner.

The chocolate cake served in the dining hall is irresistible. The rest of the food is a little bit more resistible. So for once, I broke through the traditional boundaries of social convention, I subverted cultural expectation, and I consumed my chocolate cake before eating my steak, potatoes and salad.

Honestly this “rule” is very ridiculous. Cake has some pretty nutritious ingredients if you think about it. Milk. Eggs. Flour. It’s all good stuff! Three of the five necessary food groups.

Really, everything in moderation.

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#103. Make a penny lucky.

I always see pennies laying around tail-side-up and can’t help but feel a stab of disappointment. A heads-up penny means a day of good luck, everybody knows that.

So today as I walked by a tail-side-up penny, I flipped it over. I hope the next passerby enjoys the 24 hours of luck that are soon to come!


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#102. Learn to juggle.

So far I’ve only watched an informational tutorial. I have yet to actually put my juggling skills into practice. The informational video was extremely informative and helpful though, so I am optimistic that I will be juggling fire like a pro in no time.

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